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  • Cement Spacer
      SPACEFLEX HEUP SpaceFlex Hip is composed by a simple reusable instrument kit and a disposable sterile modular blister with a metal stem as core reinforcement.Its modularity allows the surgeon to create an antibiotic-loaded bone cement hip spacer choosing among 36 different combinations of dimensions, deciding: the stem diameter (10, 13, 15 mm) when ordering the SpaceFlex Hip; the head diameter (48, 52, 56, 60 mm) and the stem length (140, 170, 210 mm) during the surgery. SPACEFLEX KNIE Two disposable sterile blisters for tibia and femur compose SpaceFlex Knee.The [...]
    The “bilboquet” (cup-and-ball game) concept was imagined in 1989 in the concern to improve the stability and the ease of the anatomical reconstruction in the complex and displaced fractures of the superior extremity of the humerus (FSEH). Such 3 or 4 fragments fractures on osteoporotic bone are characterized by the difficulty of maintaining the stability of the osteosynthesis and by the exposure to complications like avascular osteonecrosis of the humeral head. The  “bilboquet” concept is based on the implementation of a circular staple impacted in the cancellous bone of the humeral head, the staple so constitutes a solid [...]
  • Retron
        Operatie Manual Retron Nail     The number and complexity of humeral head fractures increase with advancing age. A definite increase in incidents due to demographic changes can be expected. As a result of growing demands on physical activities, the tendency in favour of operative treatment for humeral head fractures will be observed. The RETRON nail is suited to this development, given that, alternative procedures of treatment due to long physical-therapeutic follow-up treatment with only gradual improvement of the mobility, the patient’s claim to untimely physical activity is partially unjust. An implant system for this [...]
  • UNIC™ Anatomic
      The anatomic total shoulder arthroplasty (TSA) is indicated when both sides of the scapulo-humeral joint are worn out, and when the rotator cuff remains intact and with no sign of motricity defficiency. The TSA requires a good glenoid bone stock, and will be contra-indicated whenever there pre-exist a permanent instability in the joint. The UNIC anatomic system is characterized by: Compatible with all and any humeral base: primary, fracture or revision, cemented or cementless Oval humeral heads available in 5 combinations of  diameter/thickness Efficient multi-position Head offset management based [...]
    Hemi-arthroplasty head with increased volume indicated in Cuff Tear Arthroplasty cases. Whenever the glenoid bone highly worn out does not allow proper fixation of a glenoid base. The increased volume/thickness of the CTA head enables the prosthesis to articulate with the sub-acromial surface. A supero-lateral “cap” extends the articualr surface and prevents the rotator cuff from rubbing on the resected bone. DOWNLOADS:   Productoverzicht UNIC [...]
  • UNIC™ glenoid revisie
    CHARACTERISTICS OF THE REVISION GLENOID BASE Suitable only with the articular components of the Reverse UNIC. The Revision glenoid base is indicated whenever the glenoid bone stock is fragile and/or demineralized. cementless and HA coated version upper screw plate can be bent and resected to adapt to the sub-acromial space anatomic L or R design up to 4 cancellous screws can be fixed in the basis of the coracoid central anchoring peg available in 3 lengths antero-distal “cap” enables graft stabilization and proper height positionning” DOWNLOADS:   Glenoid revisie brochure [...]
  • UNIC™ humerus revisie
    The UNIC Revision humeral bases can be associated with any articular component of the UNIC system: anatomic, reverse or CTA. With lengths of 180mm (size 0) and 200mm, the UNIC Revision bases are available in both shiny-polished cemented or cementless HA coated and optionnal antero-posterior distal locking versions. A very small size of both types is available on special request. DOWNLOADS:   Humerus revisie brochure [...]
  • UNIC™ Reversed
    The reverse total shoulder (TSR) is indicated when both sides of the shoulder joint are worn out and associated to an extended and irreparable lesion of the rotator cuff. In this indication, the glenoid bone stock must allow the fixation of a prosthetic glenoid base. The UNIC system is characterized by: an orientation of the humeral cup increased by 8° compared to the humeral resection cut a reduced cup diameter to sphere diameter ratio a multiple position fine tuning of the cup on the stem unabling proper arm lateralization and [...]
    The STEMLESS version of the UNIC system is indicated for hemi or total degenerative or trauma shoulder arthroplasty where the rotator cuff is intact or repairable. The metaphyseal cementless fixation of the STEMLESS UNIC helps preserving the integrity of the intra-medullar humerux. The UNIC STEMLESS implant is made with additive technology. This 3D metal printing technology enabled the design of a very fine honeycomb structure adapted in porosity and interconnectivity to the osteoblastic activity. The bone integration  is facilitated by a layer of Hydroxyapatite coating on all the surfaces in [...]
  • UNIC™ Trauma
      Humeral base adapted to the osteosynthesis of multiple fragment fractures of the proximal humerus. The UNIC Trauma stem has the same characteristics as all the humeral bases of the UNIC system. All the articular combinations of the UNIC system are adaptable to the UNIC “Trauma” base: hemi-arthroplasty, anatomic, reverse and CTA. The instrumentation is the basic “2 trays” UNIC set: 1st tray is for the humeral preparation and for the reverse glenoid, 2nd tray is for the other articular options. Indicated for fracture of the humeral epiphysis in the elderly. DOWNLOADS: [...]