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  • Compressie schroef 3.0
    3.0mm in diameter Zelftappend en gecannuleerd voor gebruik met een 1.0mm K-draad Verkrijgbaar in de maten 10-34mm [...]
  • Memo Staple
    The Memo Staple System (NiTi) can be used in a range of lower extremity procedures. It has been designed to offer ease of use and convenience. The staples can be loaded onto the introducer straight from the sterile package. There is no need to store the staples in a freezer in preparation for use. Features: Wide choice of sizes and lengths to match specific patient requirements � 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm and 25mm. Easy to load onto the inserter straight from the sterile package. Immediate and sustained compression after staple [...]
  • Pedofix 2.7 & 3.5
    Pedofix has been developed in collaboration with the Waldkrankenhaus Rudolf Elle (Orthopedic clinic of the FSU Jena). The system covers a great part of the indications that can be treated with osteosynthesis (arthrodesis and osteotomy) in the forefoot and the rear foot. The implant-system is divided into two different sets with two different screw diameters (locking as well as non-locking). The “system set 2.7” has Ø 2,7mm screws, locking and non-locking. The main indications for this system are the base near open osteotomy at Metatarsal 1, the Lapidus arthrodesis, the [...]
  • Staples
    Varisation Staple Recht (90 °) en schuin (26 °) ontwerpt Eenvoudige en sterke fixatie van Akin osteotomieën [...]