Operatie Manual Retron Nail



The number and complexity of humeral head fractures
increase with advancing age. A definite increase in incidents
due to demographic changes can be expected.
As a result of growing demands on physical activities,
the tendency in favour of operative treatment for humeral
head fractures will be observed.

The RETRON nail is suited to this development, given
that, alternative procedures of treatment due to long
physical-therapeutic follow-up treatment with only
gradual improvement of the mobility, the patient’s
claim to untimely physical activity is partially unjust.
An implant system for this indication should include
the possibility of:
• Prevention of the humeral head
• Minor invasive Operative procedure
• Protection of the subacromial region

The goal of treatment with the RETRON system is the
stabilisation and conservation of the bone structure.
Entry of the RETRON nail occurs laterally transdermal,
underneath the onset of the Delta muscle. The joint is
not opened.
The anchorage of the fragments is carried out with
the cannulated screws, which are angle and slip stable
through the implantation of the RETRON nail. This
principle of intramedullary force conduction and cannulated
screws creates good stabilisation of the fragments
and reduces secondary dislocations.

This system is suitable for subcapital and pertubercullary
humeral fractures.

The RETRON system offers young patients with
good bone quality splendid support of the fracture.
Protection of the subacromial region through lateral
entry underneath the onset of the Delta muscle is an
important prerequisite for good rehabilitation results
especially with young patients.

For the treatment of older patients with increasing
osteoporosis, the demand for anchoring the implant
in the humeral head is escalated.

The subchondral region of the bone is used for a reliable
fixation of the RETRON nail. The nail is guided in
just to the cartilage and generates a good condition
for a stable osteosynthesis due to its proximal thread.
An additional advantage of the RETRON system is the
complete preservation with all types of retraction.

All in all, the RETRON system complies with the accustomed
tantum principle: The system is an innovative
product, of the best quality, to economic conditions.