Pedofix 2.7 & 3.5

Pedofix has been developed in collaboration with the Waldkrankenhaus Rudolf Elle (Orthopedic clinic of the FSU Jena). The system covers a great part of the indications that can be treated with osteosynthesis (arthrodesis and osteotomy) in the forefoot and the rear foot.

The implant-system is divided into two different sets with two different screw diameters (locking as well as non-locking).

The “system set 2.7” has Ø 2,7mm screws, locking and non-locking. The main indications for this system are the base near open osteotomy at Metatarsal 1, the Lapidus arthrodesis, the Akin osteotomy, the arthrodesis of the base of the bunion, the base near closed osteotomy at Metatarsal 1 and others.

The “system set 3.5” has Ø 3,5mm screw, locking and non-locking. The main indications for this system are the Calcaneus-Cuboid-arthrodesis, Listfranc- and Chopard arthrodesis and others.

The instrumentation of both system sets comprise drill templates, which can be screwed on the plates. We propose special instruments for base near open osteotomy at Metatarsal 1, which allow for a distraction of the osteotomy  with millimeter accuracy, so that steps on the plate are needless.

A separate 2.7mm set for Lapidus arthrodesis according to Springfeld/Hamburg and Sikorski/Aachen is available. This set consists of plates and screws as well as cannulated and non cannulated tension screws for the compression of Metatarsal 1 on the os Cuniforme mediale.

We gladly present you the complete system and/or allocate an individual set for trial!

2.7 system

Modular Titanium Fixation System, consisting of 2,7 mm Titanium locking bone screws and Titanium standard bone screws, is used for the fixation of arthrodesis and osteotomies.Plates for stabilization of MP-Joint arthrodesis. This stabilization plate is designed for interposition-arthrodesis at the MP-Joint and for revisions using bone grafts (e.g. Keller-Brandes). The center holes facilitate bone graft fixation.

Universal 4-hole titanium plates to stabilize a variety of arthrodesis and osteotomies in forefoot surgery. This multifunctional titanium plates are useful for base osteotomies, e.g. Closed-Wedge, Open-Wedge and Crescentic. This rigid plate is also suitable for Lisfranc fusions, MPJ fusions or revisions of non-unions.

Multi-hole plates for complex reconstructions.

3.5 system

Modular Titanium Fixation System, consisting of 3,5 mm titanium locking bone screws and titanium standard bone screws for fixation of arthrodesis and osteotomies.

Multi-hole plates for complex reconstructions and arthrodesis in rearfoot surgery.

Calcaneus Displacement Plate “Dwyer”
Plates in step-design to stabilize medial displacement-osteotomies of the calcaneal bone.